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Paul Stamets Ted Talk on Turkey Tail Mushrooms!

Paul Stamets Ted Talk on Turkey Tail Mushrooms!

Paul Stamets' mother, Patricia Stamets, was given three months to live after being diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2009. She was told that she was too old to undergo radiation therapy, so she had to resort to more natural means of healing.

She started taking eight Turkey Tail mushroom capsules a day and went on to live an additional 10 years with absolutely no detectable tumors.

In this video, Paul Stamets gives a brief talk about his $2.1 million breast cancer clinical study that quantified how Turkey Tail mushrooms significantly enhanced natural killer-cell activity in women with breast cancer in a post-chemo-radiotherapy setting.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to stop by our store and chat with our staff.

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9 hours ago
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In this video, Paul Stamets briefly discusses his $2.1 million clinical trial on breast cancer, which measured the considerable increase phrazle in natural killer-cell activity that Turkey Tail mushrooms brought to women with breast cancer in the post-chemo-radiation scenario.


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