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Adults Only Package

Adults Only Package


This package contains very special items perfect for lovers of all ages to explore and learn about themselves and partners, spice up and renew relationships, and keep a smile on your face and spirits up while getting healthy exercise for your body and soul!


Prophecy Chocolate:  Aphrodisiac. Chocolate is the best of the best made with chocolate directly from the farmers in Peru containing herbs from Healing Spirits and other farmers in the Northeast.


Romance Mist 2 oz: Spray around your room, get yourself into the mood to spread love and joy.


Rose Heart Tea Blend 2 oz: Add a little extra passion with this sensual blend made with Roses, Oats, Borage, Lemon Balm and Hawthorn Berry.


Feminine Lubricant Salve 2 oz: Makes the ride and slide easy.


Boner Toner Tincture 1 oz: With all this free time for love and exploring, make sure your body keeps up with your desires.


Boner Oil 1 oz: Makes the ride more enjoyable.