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Pet Care Package

Pet Care Package


Great package to help provide overall general health for your special fur baby.


Package contains:

Animal Mushroom Blend 8 oz

Kidney & Urinary Support for Cats & Dogs 1 oz

Ear Mullein Oil for Pets 1 oz

Black Amber 1 oz

Paws & Claws Bar


Paws & Claws Bar: This moisturizing soap fights against those pests that make our best friends not happy. All good ingredients for your loved one.


Animal Mushroom Blend: Dog and cat owners report positive results with mushrooms including older dogs appearing to regain their youthful vigor and spark, their skin and coat appear more lustrous, and support of flexibility and ease of movement.


Kidney & Urinary Support: A blend of herbs that can be made into a tea and put in the animal's water or over their food. You can also sprinkle a pinch on their food 2x a day.


Black Amber: Helps protect your animals by creating a vibrational field that is uncomfortable for ticks.


Ear Mullein Oil For Pets: Mullein flowers serve as good ear mite fighter because they are anti-parasitic and antibacterial. May be used to treat animals who "dig" at their ears.