Castor oil pack

Used for a number of ailments, including skin conditions, blood circulation problems, and digestive issues.

Package Contains:

  • Castor Oil 4 oz

  • Hot Water Bottle

  • Flannel 2 pieces

  • Castor Oil Pack Instructions

dream enhancement package

Sleep offers a chance to temporarily free ourselves from the physical reality that our body seems to constrain us to during the waking hours. That period of slumber is where dreams can come true, where we can escape physical grounding and have the ability to literally fly, travel anywhere we choose, and communicate with spirit guides. 


Package Contains: 

  • 6th Chakra Tea 2 oz

  • Angelica Flower Essence 1 oz

  • Mugwort Oil for Dreaming 1 oz

  • Dream Balm 0.095 oz

  • Mugwort Tincture for Dreaming 1 oz