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Celiac Flare Up Tincture

Celiac Flare Up Tincture

The combination of these three herbs helps as a soothing sedative for food sensitivities.  It is an antispasmodic.  It stops internal hemorrhages and diarrhea, and also helps to restore vital energy to the body.


Rabbit Tobacco: Use in Folkloric traditions for digestive cramping.  It acts as a very nice antispasmodic.


Cranesbill: Possesses hemostatic properties and can work as an agent to stop internal hemorrhages and diarrhea.

Wild Cherry Bark: Used for digestion.  It can come in handy for everyday digestive problems.  It helps to relieve tissue in an excited state; meaning it relieves heat, redness, tenderness, and inflammation.  It acts as a soothing sedative for food sensitivities and helps to restore vital energy.


Made with Rabbit Tobacco, Cranesbill, Wild Cherry Bark, Alcohol (Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegan).