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Dreamoire of Moonlit Alchemy: A Discovery of Creative Joy

Dreamoire of Moonlit Alchemy: A Discovery of Creative Joy


By Aimee Zwaap & Stephanie Foley


109 pages


Dreamoire of Moonlit Alchemy is a guided journal that invites you to embrace creative joy and discover the magic in everyday life. This version is undated so that you can begin any time of the year.* Its premium full color pages with whimsical imagery and fill-in boxes encourage your creative unfolding. The design harnesses the moon's cycles and energies to unlock personal potential and connect with the mysteries beyond our understanding. By attuning to the moon's phases and infusing your actions with intention, you magnify your highest vision for yourself and take conscious steps towards your goals. This journal emphasizes finding and celebrating the gold in all life experiences, distilling and integrating shifts and transformations. It encourages rest and reflection during the moon's dark phase, allowing you to tap into your natural creativity and follow sparks of inspiration. Moonlit Alchemy provides sections for each lunar phase, including notes, oracle spreads, prompts, magical moments, reflections, and creative expression. Embark on a whimsical journey of self-discovery and alchemize your dreams into reality. Our website is

*The moonlit experience of time is not linear, beginning and endings are simply turns in the spiral. Begin with a new season, a new moon, your birthday, or any time significant to you personally or culturally. A dated version for the calendar year is also be available.