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Himalayan Salt Deodorant

Himalayan Salt Deodorant

Does Himalayan salt work as deodorant? The answer is YES!


It can be used as a natural deodorant bar. Rub it on the skin. The salt will stick and help kill bacteria making it excellent for acne treatment.


Since CRYSTAL deodorants are made of mineral salts, they are safe to use just about anywhere on the body. In addition to using on underarms, many of our customers apply to their chests, feet and inner thighs. Be sure to avoid applying to open wounds.


Directions:  Wet the ball with water and rub between your hands. Apply the salt water to freshly cleansed underarms, feet or wherever you experience sweating and odor. For a full body effect, rub the salt water all over your body and pat dry. Avoid rinsing the salt off of the skin.


Add our Bamboo Soap Holder to keep your deodorant dry and last longer!