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Seven Sets of Horseshoes - An American Journey by Lynn Lloyd

Seven Sets of Horseshoes - An American Journey by Lynn Lloyd


In my biased opinion, everyone needs to read this book.  My sister wrote it!!!  It is her story about riding her horse from Pennsylvania to California, accompanied by her dog Puddles (my other sister found him as a puppy in a mud puddle), and a pack horse.  She is a wonderful storyteller with lots of adventures.  My favorite is when she played Jessie James and robbed a moving train of desperately needed water in the middle of the desert. ~Andrea


Seven sets of Horseshoes: An American Journey


Ever since Lynn was a little girl, she knew that someday that she would have her own horse and that she would ride that horse across the country. Spending her entire childhood preparing herself for this epic journey, Lynn was finally ready for what she had been dreaming to do for years.
At the age of 23, Lynn rode horseback across the United States in 1973. Her journey began in Pennsylvania. She didn’t have much money but she did have her horse Bojangles and faithful dog Puddles. After seven months, many adventures, and often thanks to the kindness of strangers she had made it to California. This is her story.


Paperback, 196 pages.


"Riveting! Could not put it down, finished reading all night till morning!!! Want to know more." - Al Hower